We are resolved to add some much-need variety to the media landscape. To this end, The Prydain Review was launched, intending to foster debate, advocate common values and give voice to the silent majority.

What to expect? Well, we hope that the future content on this site will be engaging and, when necessary, provocative. Our aim is not to advocate an ideology, but rather a set of instincts.

We want to take this opportunity to commit quite plainly that we, unlike other outfits, will not seek to engage and influence the public whilst receiving funding from government entities. In line with this commitment, we aspire to be transparent about funding and would welcome support from individuals based on our merits.

In terms of perspectives, we must confess that we are sceptical of devolution in its current guise, on the basis that the model is incompatible with the unitary nature of the United Kingdom. It is our opinion that the United Kingdom as a nation-state is the ultimate political reality and the parliament in Westminster should be fully sovereign. In keeping with this belief, we supported the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. 

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