Regarding Nation.Cymru

Christopher Harries

This morning, Nation Cymru were kind enough to report on the substance of one of our articles originally published on December 22, 2020.

One must question whether the intention is to report on an ongoing debate within the Welsh Conservative Party or if the intent is to try and cow individuals from articulating anti- devolution sentiments?

This article is just the latest story on Nation.Cymru regarding anti-devolution sentiments within the Welsh Conservative Party. Now, maybe there is some merit to reporting a debate over the direction of a political party operating in Wales. However, are the authors of such coverage prepared to allow the focus of such stories the opportunity to fully articulate their case within the same article?

Or are such stories published with different intentions? Such coverage seems to elicit a not entirely pleasant response on social media. Now responsibility for such conduct rests with the individuals posting such social media posts, however you have to wonder if the authors are indulging the worst instincts of some of their readers by posting such content in the manner that they do.

The furore on social media can be unpleasant and can put people off politics. We launched the Prydain Review to foster debate on the Welsh centre right and we are unafraid of legitimate criticism of our content or indeed civil discourse.

To clarify this page is editorially independent of the Conservative Party and the only connection would be the political affiliation of some of its contributors. It does not seem at overly newsworthy that some members of the Conservative and Unionist party would be opposed to devolution in principle or practice it seems akin to reporting that members of Plaid Cymru support the notion of Welsh Independence.

To end, furore on social media will not dissuade us from publishing content critical of devolution.

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