The Prydain Review Team

The debate on the constitutional future of Wales is moving into the mainstream. Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price has pledged an independence referendum in the first term of a Plaid Cymru government, while the devolution question lingers over Welsh Conservative candidate selections.

On social media, Welsh Nationalists assert that devolution is a requisite for the existence of Wales. Posts on social media suggest that the abolition of devolution undermines Welsh democracy, language, culture and even the national sports teams.

When Wales first, at Tony Blair’s command,
Arose from out the azure main

As if the nascent nation came into existence with the devolution referendum and Government of Wales Act just over twenty years ago.
Are we to ignore all those sports fixtures or eisteddfod before the creation of the Welsh Assembly now Senedd.

Democracy, culture and language in Wales did not come into existence with the passage of legislation. The nation of Wales existed before devolution, rather than being a by-product of the Blairite reforms.

David Melding MS has written that national devolution is a requisite for the continuation of the United Kingdom. Such an assessment ignores that this form of devolution has created a viable framework for the separatist forces to agitate for the break-up of the United Kingdom. The time has come for figures in the Conservative party to reject national devolution as a fait accompli.

The Union has evolved to become a nation in its own right, Britain. History has demonstrated that the constituent nation-states continue to exist within such an entity. To reject national devolution is not to condemn the United Kingdom but to save it.

The time has come for Unionists to dismiss national devolution or the other suggested tonic for the future of our nation – federalism. The forces agitating for the break up of the United Kingdom seek to exploit such concessions to achieve their political ambitions. Unionists must accept this reality and focus on strengthening the British nation by pushing for a reversion to a unitary state whilst localising certain competencies. 

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