The Prydain Review Team

Omertà: The code of silence that potential members are required to swear to join the mafia. Adherence to omertà means that members of the mafia must never inform authorities about the activities of the organisation under pain of death.

In some ways, political parties operate on a version of omertà, albeit without the prospect of death for breaking ranks. How often do party members and activists ignore behaviour that, if perpetrated by a member of another party would lead to condemnation?

Silence has been maintained by consequences, to speak out is to risk personal ambitions or exclusion.

Public service should be a primary consideration for those politically active, yet the wall of silence prevalent in political parties has allowed deeply flawed individuals to remain in public life. Silence from activists has also protected those seeking to enter public life, ignoring indiscretions despite them demonstrating that the individual is unfit to be in public life.

The time has come for activists to break omertà. With the selection of candidates for the Senedd, If activists are serious about public service, then they owe it to the public to speak out and prevent unfit individuals from being foisted upon the unwitting public.

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