Sign Our Petition: No to Nationwide lockdown

The Prydain Review Team

Over the weekend, reports emerged that the Welsh Government were contemplating a nation-wide lockdown similar to that deployed in March.

This would be ill-advised and would be a disproportionate reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic. We instead call on the Welsh Government to resist imposing a nationwide lockdown and instead focus on implementing data-driven hyper localised lockdowns.

To do this would allow areas with low transmission of the virus to avoid being forced into lockdown. A disproportionate national lockdown punishes counties with low community transmission of the virus; will lead to an unnecessarily increase unemployment, cause the failure of businesses; and exacerbate the isolation that individuals have experienced. In addition, nationwide lockdown risks having a detrimental impact on public health denying individuals treatments, for cancer and heart disease.  

This can be avoided, but it requires the Welsh Government to instead focus on hyper- localised lockdowns and providing financial support where appropriate to those affected. 

Sign our petition here

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