NEWS: ‘North Wales tourism faces decimation’

Jim Jones, CEO of North Wales Tourism Limited, has warned that Welsh Government’s new local lockdowns in Denbighshire, Conwy, Wrexham and Flintshire could wipe out many businesses dependent on tourism.

Speaking to BBC Radio Wales Breakfast this morning, he said, “Businesses are extremely and understandably frustrated, it’s another dark day,” 

“They have invested so much time and gone to extraordinary measures to be Covid-compliant and make everybody safe and then all of a sudden they’ve got to cancel bookings and tell visitors to go home. Our businesses are yet again about to be decimated. The lockdowns in north Wales at this moment in time are an overreaction… a knee-jerk reaction. To decimate the entire tourism and hospitality industry for cases that are still relatively low in the scale of things… Our economy is tourism.”

Businesses like Zip World Fforest are closing for two weeks, fearing this is the beginning of a wave of economic devastation in North Wales.

Mr Jones called on the Welsh Labour Government to implement hyper-local lockdowns, echoing the concerns of the Welsh Conservatives and the Brexit Party Group in the Senedd, to minimise the disruption.

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