Huw Davies

As regular readers of the Prydain Review may have noticed I tend to write a lot about Scotland. Well, here I go again! Although, this time it isn’t so much political but more about a recent trip I made to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is a truly wonderful city. Full of history and culture to which any philistine should avoid completely. If you have the legs for it you can get around relatively easily.

First thing you must experience while you’re there is the Royal Mile. A row of ornate 17th century buildings of religious, political and societal significance to Scots and Brits alike.

Although as you approach Holyrood House that ornateness abruptly ends with modernist Scottish Parliament building, which in my opinion ruins the Royal Mile completely. But overall it is an experience which every visitor must do, even if it’s just to get your 10,000 steps a day!

Carlton Hill is also a must see with breathtaking views of the city and Arthur’s Seat. There may be some odd pieces of architecture there which would be more suited to Ancient Greece, but it’s still worth having a look.

If you fancy going on top of an ex-volcano, Edinburgh Castle is your chance. Even if you’re not that interested in the military history, there is an opportunity to see the Scottish Crown Jewels and hear the one o’clock gun.

Being there I did get a sense that those of us who live south of Gretna Green do need to learn the history of Scotland. It would make us a bit more rounded as a nation. Particularly, when through history that what happens there has a great impact upon our lives.

There are no end of gift shops which all sell the same tat at varying prices. And of course, you cannot go to Scotland without having at already one dram of whiskey or some haggis. Most attractions are free to enter or are out in the open, so even on a relatively small budget you can have a good experience of the ancient capital.

The city also hosts a variety of ghost tours, which can show you the vaults under the city which housed thieves and murderers. In all, I would go back in a heart beat. It has so much offer to everyone, it is impossible to be bored there. It is indeed a great part of Britain.

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