Power Grab?

Christopher Harries

According to the devocrats the UK Internal Markets Bill is a power grab and assault on devolution by Westminster. Welsh Government Minister for European Transition Jeremy Miles told the BBC, that Westminster having such powers would “sacrifice the future of the union by stealing powers from devolved administrations.

If the devolved institution has never had such powers, how exactly is this a power grab?

And if such powers being held anywhere but the devolved institution truly posed a threat to the devolution settlement, you must question why the devocrats did not rail against the European Union holding such powers.

Where was the outrage about a power grab when tax powers were devolved despite the question for the 2011 Welsh Devolution referendum clearly stating that the Assembly cannot make laws on tax whatever the result of this vote. Strangely the devocrats did not object to this power transference facilitated by the Westminster Government without any instruction from the people of Wales.

Nor did devocrats object when Westminster imposed abortion on Northern Ireland.  In fact, Plaid Cymru and the SNP representatives in Westminster had no qualms about voting to impose abortion on Northern Ireland – yes the vote occurred when the Northern Ireland Assembly was deadlocked but surely this was a violation of devolution?

Once devolved governance via the Northern Ireland Assembly was restored the legislature voted to reject the changes to abortion law. This put the decision voted for in Westminster against the clear will of the devolved institution. Did Plaid Cymru or SNP representatives in Westminster lament the role they played in this assault on devolution in Northern Ireland?

Ignore the faux cries of the devocrats this is a tantrum as Westminster has not meekly bowed to the devolved institutions.

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