Stop Taxpayers’ Funding Nation Cymru

Christopher Harries

We have previously raised concerns about the website Nation Cymru receiving public funding, given the partisan nature of the page.

Concerns over such an entity receiving public funding have previously been justified based on the token articles by figures from across the political spectrum.

Yet a visit to Nation Cymru today added substance to the concerns previously raised. At the top of the page was an advert for the Plaid Cymru politician Llyr Gruffydd MS.

Now one should applaud the team at Nation Cymru for seeking to raise revenue via advertising to stop being on the public teat yet surely such advertising undermines the argument that the page is non-partisan?

Based on the presence of the page running advertising on behalf of a political figure and party it does not seem right for that organisation to be in receipt of funding from the Welsh Government and various third sector entities.

To this end, we call on the Welsh Government and the Book Council for Wales to cease all further funding for Nation Cymru.

NB. Yes the advert by Llyr Gruffydd MS is likely paid for out of his assembly funding.

One thought on “Stop Taxpayers’ Funding Nation Cymru”

  1. There is nothing non-partisan about ‘Nation Cymru’. Wales Eye exposed a 100% nationalist outfit undeserving of any public funding in the following article:

    No one should be surprised that the Welsh Government is behind the funding as above anything else most of Labour’s Welsh-speaking politicians in the Welsh ‘Parliament’ including Mark Drakeford are closet nationalists dreaming of a free Wales inside the EU.

    On the sorry state of the Welsh Media, Marcus Stead, a Cardiff journalist, said all that needs to be said:


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