The Not So Generation Game

Huw Davies

And there we have it. In British politics’ biggest surprise, the Scottish National Party (SNP) have finally stated that they will put in their manifesto for next year’s Holyrood elections that they will legislate for a second referendum on Scottish separation. Of course I say this in jest.

But the serious point to all of this, is this just makes a mockery of the SNP. We have yet to fully get a grip of the ghastly coronavirus with Scottish cases back on the steady march and instead they put proposals forward for another referendum, or has been called in the past, a ‘neverendum’. Their priorities are simply wrong, and they are out of touch with the overwhelming majority Scottish voters.

Despite the rhetoric of the Nationalists, ‘Scexit’ is not a pressing concern for voters in Scotland. Most wish to focus on health and education, which are devolved and in the control of the SNP who have done a pretty rubbish job at it, rather than hark on about ‘independence’. This is the issue with Sturgeon and co- by making the destruction of Britain their sole focus, they take their eye of the ball on the day-to-day business of government. Business which Scotland has to get to in order whether independent or not. Surely, it is better to focus on that now and wait a generation for another vote like they promised in 2014?

Credit: The Sunday Post

Let us keep reminding the SNP that the original referendum was a once in a lifetime decision, as they themselves put it.

In any case, another referendum is not in the gift of Nicola Sturgeon. This power resides with the British Parliament, who must also agree to it too. Of course, you will expect the Nationalists to guffaw that Westminster is preventing Scotland having its say. But, in reality, this is our country they are trying to destroy, so it is only fair and just that we have a say in how they have a referendum, which would cause disruption to all our lives.

Let us keep reminding the SNP that the original referendum was a once in a lifetime decision, as they themselves put it. They may argue that the material circumstances have changed due to Brexit. However, if Scotland had voted ‘Yes’ in 2014, it would have left the European Union anyway despite what the SNP may have promised. If that was so, would that not also have been the grounds for a referendum to rejoin the UK?

Scotland needs immediate solutions to the stark problems ahead, not continuously playing the SNP’s ‘Once in a generation’ Game I hope the people of Scotland see through this next year and send the Nationalists home with just a cuddly toy.

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