Who Funds You?

The Prydain Review Team

In recent days, we have had individuals question not our content but who funds us. Now, such a question intends to try and diminish the outlet implying that there must be some ulterior agenda at play.

It is a lazy tactic and seeks to use the idea of financial backing to facilitate the dismissal of an argument or organisation. It also seems to be a tactic deployed against organisations or entities on one side of the political spectrum while the same standard is not applied to those on the other side of the spectrum.

To clarify this page does not require or receive external funding. The limited cost incurred to date, outlined below were paid by the individuals out of their own pocket. Maybe the people questioning us will apply the same standard to other outlets like say Nation.Cymru who have received funding from the Books Council of Wales and the Welsh Government. Namely what was the criteria for the awarding of such funding?

We are not opposed to transparency hence why we have clarified our lack of external funding. At the bottom of this piece, we will detail the specific amounts spent to date. We hope this allays the concerns of those posing the question and in turn, they will focus on the content of the page in future.

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