Trouble Brewing

Christopher Harries

Less than a year out from the next election for the Welsh Parliament, the Welsh Conservative party is short on candidates. Aside from incumbents who have been re-adopted as a candidate, only two prospective constituency candidates have been selected ready for the election. The lack of candidates being in place could hamper the ambitions of Paul Davies MS and the Welsh Conservatives.

This lack of action in regards to the selection of candidates is not confined to just constituency seats. No action has been taken to decide the regional list placing. The absence of confirmed candidates does not just harm the chances electorally but also contributes to a febrile atmosphere within the party.

They say that the devil makes work for idle hands to do. This weekend saw a story published regarding an employee of a Welsh Conservative member of the Welsh Parliament. The story based on anonymous sources sought, in turn, to try and damage the employer. You could wonder whether there was an ulterior motive behind the story, such as discrediting a rival for the regional list placing.

The failure to conduct candidate selections risks creating an environment where potential candidates spend more time focusing on rivals rather than talking to the electorate. The situation must change if there is to be any hope of a Welsh Conservative government next year.

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