EXCLUSIVE: Mark Drakeford’s Not-So-Humble Hut

Christopher Harries

Last week, the First Minister claimed that he was living in a “hut” at the bottom of his garden. This revelation was part of a media strategy to make Mark Drakeford come across as a man of the people subject to the same inconveniences as the wider public.

But was this revelation entirely accurate? Is the building that Mark Drakeford has been sleeping really a hut or could it be the coach house that received planning permission in 2004 to be converted into a two-story ancillary accommodation?

According to the planning application submitted under his wife’s name, the conversion would result in the ground floor having a kitchen/lounge and shower room with a double bedroom upstairs. How will the Welsh Labour Leader’s “man of the people” PR campaign spin this one?

3 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Mark Drakeford’s Not-So-Humble Hut”

  1. This Mark Drakeford is a product or the Corbyn era.Totally unintelligible and unbelievably unintelligent.Ashamed to know he represents Wales internationally, he makes us ,as nation ,appear as intellectually incompetent and basically stupid.
    A little bit of power has gone to his head and he emulates the mad SNP Scottish leader.He is looking for Welsh independence,. laughable as our economy ,based on the sale of Welsh cakes and the Barnet formula is hardly sustainable


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