Reject Identity Politics and Embrace Individualism

Luke Doherty

To many British people, identity has never been more important. We now live in a society that is saturated by a debate on identity – and we are rapidly becoming a nation of depressed people obsessed with placing individuals into defined groups.

This pernicious system seeks to categorise and define by measures beyond the control of the individual. We tragically see individuals defined based on the pigmentation of their flesh, genitalia or sexuality – ignoring factors like character and moral resolve. What makes this more disturbing is the proscribed orthodoxy that accompanies this peculiar game of identities. Such an observation does not negate the reality of the shared experiences of one social or ethnic group, nor does it suggest that we should completely ignore the experiences of a minority community.

But what it does mean is that we should not readily accept the illiberal groupthink that defines individuals as one homogenous group based on factors like race or sexuality and to persecute those who do not conform to this mindset. We must accept there is no one, singular experience of race, sexuality or gender. There is no dogma that must be universally believed. This is an uncomfortable truth for some.

It is unfortunate how many institutions pander to the mob on issues of identity politics. It is increasingly clear that the metaphorical identity politics football is being kicked around a pitch marked on quick sand where the rules of play are constantly changing. Those who are vocal champions one day may be vilified the next.

We should reject the intolerant politics of identity and aspire to treat people as we would want to be treated ourselves. The silent majority must resist this pernicious form of politics.

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