Does The Obesity Scheme Hold Any Weight?

Matthew MacKinnon
Director, Centre for Welsh Studies (Centre for Wales)

There is clearly a problem with obesity in the UK and across the world, this problem has been growing decade upon decade and after various campaigns in recent years to tackle the problem, none seem to have worked, with two thirds of UK adults currently overweight or obese.

Covid-19 has brought weight and obesity to the fore once again, with the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Government intent on pushing through legislation that aims to reduce the number of overweight people in the UK.

But will any of the proposed Government taxes and bans work? Or are they just putting a plaster over a deep wound that needs serious time, attention and resources to resolve?

The Centre for Welsh Studies team have looked into the proposed legislation, the UK’s cultural issues that effect our weight, the cost involved, why education is so important in tackling obesity and why the Government need to have an honest conversation with the public to make people realise just how big an issue this really is.

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